UNIorganiser fights procrastination, but not in the way you might think...

1. Choose how often you want to study

2. Add tasks that you need to get done

3. Relax, and let UNIorganiser adapt to your lifestyle

Let UNIorganiser free up your time

University and college students have enough to worry about already; UNIorganiser automatically handles your study planning

Get the grades you need

You invest a lot of time and money into higher education, UNIorganiser will help you get the most out of it

Use UNIorganiser anywhere!

Use it in class, at the house of your friend who has a terrible internet connection, or from the comfort of your couch!
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Good news! UNIorganiser is currently in beta, so until the full version is launched it will be completely free! All beta testers will receive a bonus 60 days free when when we launch for helping us out!

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Why should I use UNIorganiser?

Traditional scheduling software does not work for university or college students. Even if you put the effort into creating the perfect schedule, all it takes is an extra assignment to come in, an unexpected shift at work, or an assignment that takes longer to complete than you originally thought and all of your meticulous planning goes to waste. With an already hectic schedule, university and college students often just need time to relax without being confined to strict study hours. UNIorganiser adapts to the constantly changing schedule of a university student.

Always know what to work on

UNIorganiser automatically determines the most important tasks to work on; based on their due date, the amount of time you estimate the tasks will take to finish and other settings tailored to your lifestyle and study habits. The best thing is you don't have to do exactly what UNIorganiser suggests. Don't feel like doing economics revision? Work on a different topic. In 'the zone' and want to finish your 6 hour assignment in one sitting? Go for it. Invited to a party with friends when you're supposed to be studying? Not a problem. UNIorganiser automatically adapts to whatever you throw at it, and will always work out the best way to get the grades you need.

Never miss a due date

Due dates are something all university and college students have to deal with, all the time. UNIorganiser will make sure a due date never takes you by surprise again. Not only will you be able to see a constant feed of upcoming tasks that are due, UNIorganiser will email upcoming due dates to you if you haven't logged in lately. If you're starting to fall behind on a task, you will get an email alert - this includes large tasks that may not be due for months, UNIorganiser will automatically determine how far along you should be. You can relax knowing everything is under control, and eliminate those "...am I forgetting something?" debates with your brain.

Keep everything in one place

Each task you create comes with its own workspace. You can easily view the progress for individual tasks and keep all your information in one place. Record notes, upload backups of your assignment or notes from class, and save bookmarks of those useful websites relevant to the task - it's like having a virtual desk you can spread out all your notes on, without the cleanup, and it makes referencing your work so much easier!